Iteration on the Sharpless catalogue of faint nebulae.

It’s not a common object, and here is the close up. Very faint and difficult. I am really proud of it 😀

Sh2-170 is an emission nebula in Cassiopeia at around 7500 light years away.
The bright star at the centre of the nebula is ionising the surrounding hydrogen gas, causing the nebula to glow.
This nebula is about 2/3 the diameter of the full moon.

Technical card
Imaging telescope or lens:Altair Astro RC250-TT 10″ RC Truss Tube

Imaging camera:ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool

Mount:Mesu 200 Mk2

Guiding telescope or lens:Celestron OAG Deluxe

Guiding camera:ZWO ASI174 Mini

Focal reducer:Riccardi Reducer/Flattener 0.75x

Software:Main Sequence Software Seqence Generator Pro, Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight

Filters:Astrodon L Gen.2 E-series 36mm, Astrodon HA 36mm – 5nm, Astrodon B Gen.2 E-series 36mm, Astrodon G Gen.2 E-series 36mm, Astrodon R Gen.2 E-series 36mm, Astrodon S-II 36mm – 5nm, Astrodon O-III 36mm – 5nm

Accessories:ZWO EFW, MoonLite NiteCrawler WR30

Resolution: 2328×1760

Dates:Sept. 25, 2019, Sept. 26, 2019, Sept. 27, 2019, Sept. 28, 2019

Astrodon B Gen.2 E-series 36mm: 35×30″ (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
Astrodon G Gen.2 E-series 36mm: 35×30″ (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
Astrodon HA 36mm – 5nm: 97×600″ (gain: 200.00) -20C bin 1×1
Astrodon O-III 36mm – 5nm: 35×600″ (gain: 200.00) -20C bin 1×1
Astrodon R Gen.2 E-series 36mm: 35×30″ (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
Astrodon S-II 36mm – 5nm: 30×600″ (gain: 200.00) -20C bin 1×1

Integration: 27.9 hours

Avg. Moon age: 27.48 days

Avg. Moon phase: 6.38%

Astrometry.net job: 2980353

RA center: 0.392 degrees

DEC center: 64.612 degrees

Pixel scale: 1.007 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 91.169 degrees

Field radius: 0.408 degrees

Locations: AAS Montsec, Àger, Lleida, Spain

Data source: Own remote observatory

Remote source: Non-commercial independent facility

via Flickr https://flic.kr/p/2husT7K

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