It’s my first NEO confirmation on a really new discovered object.

After some time sending ‘stone’ observations to the Minor Planet Center (International Astronomical Union) with my Observatory Code L43, finally I take measures on a really new object. It’s a fast and really new discovered object.

Only three days ago it was catalogued as A10izBm. This morning it received the temporal denomination of 2019-XW2.

2019-XW2 Orbit

All Observations of this object (including my observations with code L43) could be check on this link:

I will be faster and maybe lucky next time with a new one, I hope to participate only few hours before the assignment of the temporal name and be part of the initial confirmation.

On this link you could check the pictures of all measures taken from my L43 observatory with a residual < 0.5″ sent it to the MPC (currently 115)

With my current setup, I could send data to slow objects with maximum magnitude 19.8

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