Last Saturday was a busy day at my observatory.

I installed a completely new mount with my additional refractor telescope on Ager. Usually I run the Mesu200 mk2 with the RC10.

It’s part of the process to run a dual ring on only one mount. That’s the dual column running, I would like to run in parallel all the systems without the need to fight with the problems of flexure and pointing that you have when you want to use a dual rig on the same mount.

The results are really successful and now I need to choose between these two setups: dual column o dual rig. For now, the dual column configuration seems really flexible and easy to run, probably the dual rig will be more complex. For instance, with dual column configuration could appear a problem of space if I increase the size of the telescopes.. something to think about.

Dual column desktop running on remote

As bonus I would like to share also an accident on Saturday…

It was nothing thanks to this soft top protection on the door. However, something funny to see 😀 and easy to capture with so many cameras recording.

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